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SquareClubs™ is SIMPLE and fun for ANYONE - even if you're not that into sports!
Mobile Friendly
SquareClubs™ was designed to work well on mobile devices - you can setup your game, make your picks, invite customers and more all from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
Not just for Football
SquareClubs™ can be used for Golf tournaments (top score & 2nd score), hockey games (shots on goal), basketball games and tournaments, horse races, cricket, soccer (shots on goal), political contests and more. Because you set the number of periods and what they are called (4 Quarter, 2 Half, 3 Period, 4 Match, 63 Game, etc.) the posibilities are literally endless.
Automatic Email Notifications
Email notifications can be sent to all the players in your game each time a score is entered. This email shows who just won that last square and what the current standings are.
Custom Images / Logos
You can upload your own images to display behind the game grid to customize the experience, highlight your fundraiser, or simply show your team spirit.
Football Squares has never been so easy! Setup your Squares game to promote your business locally now!
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